Welcome to our Website

"Why a website?" certain forthright people have asked. It's a fair enough question, so we hope the answer is likewise fair enough!


Alan says: "The idea for this website was born some time ago when Kay first wrote The S.O.D. Saga. Little did we realise the problems and obstacles that would be strewn in our path as we sought to publish it. Gradually, it became very obvious that we were at the mercy of the perceptions of editors as to what constitutes a book worthy of publication. After trying many different routes to have material published, this website finally came into being.


Within these pages is a variety of different writings: books, poetry, travelogues and articles - some humorous, some spiritual, some fictional, some non fictional and some written specifically for a certain audience.


Also included is a wide variety of different photographs and images: from black and white to colour; from surreal to those that faithfully portray exactly what was seen through the camera lens; from macro to landscape and even those of several images stitched together. Images and photographs are all about perception and it is my hope that you might perceive the world through my eyes, even if only for a moment."


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Kay says: "As I have lived through my life experiences (as one does) I've realised that I have a voice and the internet is a brilliant way to share some of the weirdness of what I find myself seeing and saying. Perhaps weirdness is a little strong, but life can sometimes appear very strange. As the bearded bard might say, there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of by a mere someone struggling with trying to make sense of the world! It seems to me that life is experienced at many levels that may at first glance not appear to fit together at all.


Some of what I have written was originally undertaken for a particular end, but I have to say that my end is no longer particular. The website is an offering, pure and simple (OK, maybe a bit complex in places). As to the levels of writing, they seem to divide mainly into two completely separate categories - humour and spiritual. Or are they completely separate? I believe not, for are we not all comprised of many parts (some in better working order than others?) Is not each part a valued experience of the whole? Yes! Forget the categories, banish the boundaries and enjoy the ethos of the current Zeitgeist, which is all about integration and honesty. Enjoy!"