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The SOD Saga Sequel
The S.O.D. Saga

Sandra Olivia Dullkettle is 39 and wondering about the meaning of life. She starts to search via religion, philosophy and feminism, while her family life carries on around her - and the meaning of life continues to elude her. She undergoes a spot of counselling, continues to experience trouble with cooking and experiments with poetry. Still, it proves to be an interesting part of her life journey, if not rather a sodden one - thank heaven for the Mood Matching Toilet Rolls!
The SOD Saga Sequel
The S.O.D. Sequel

Life has moved on a year and Sandra Olivia Dullkettle is studying for a degree in psychology. The ensuing three years are full of new academic experiences, the worst emotional pain in her life and a great deal of course work. Her family are changing as much as she is, but the meaning of life remains constant in its refusal to be grasped, analysed, or understood. It's a rough old journey and a really good job those Mood Matching Toilet Rolls are still on the market!
The SOD Saga Sequel
The S.O.D. Trequel

The Trequel begins in 1999, wends its inexorable way into the new millennium and forward into 2002, when Sandra completes a whole half century of life. She meets a new group of slightly insane people and discovers the freedom of a new kind of spirituality. Does this help her to understand the meaning of life? Who can say! Sandra tries to say, but remains somewhat confused and directionless, not to mention taken aback that Mood Matching Toilet Rolls have actually been taken off the market!
From Garden to Mountains
The S.O.D. Quad

Sandra Olivia Dullkettle's quest for the meaning of life continues, except that life itself seems hell bent on intervening (and life does feel a little hellish now and again). The S.O.D. Quad starts in 2003 and ends in 2007 - everybody is moving along life's highway and often heading in different directions. This tends to be a little heavy on Sandra's fuel consumption as she attempts to steer clear of potential crashes and finds herself lost every now and again. Maybe it's time for an existential sat nav?
Revelations of the Christmas Exodus
Revelations of the Christmas Exodus

And it came to pass that the feast day of the mass of Christ did dawn across the land and the Santillo family did gather together to celebrate with a loud and joyful noise. Yea, behold the revelations of the stuffed fowl, the wondrous gifts, the vexing games of Uno and the beatitudes of the matriarch, for the festive wine doth flow in abundance and the assembled throng are foolish with the joys of the season. Sojourn awhile with the son and the daughter, their partners, their father and uncle, the matriarch and the mother who could not give an ox or an ass!
JSensitive health issue Topic
Sensitive Health Issue Topics

Have you ever cleaned your shoes with furniture polish or squirted your armpits with air freshener? If so, you could be prone to substance abuse! Perhaps you have laughed hysterically when you felt like throttling someone, or wished you could shout something obscene in the middle of a meeting. You could be suffering from manic suppression. Take heart, or a pill if necessary, for this collection of Sensitive Health Issue Topics will raise your spirits (if not your blood pressure) and the A to Z of Unnatural Remedies will restore your faith in the medical profession!
Journey of the Beloved Spirit
Journey of the Beloved Spirit

This is a collection of what would be called channelled writing, although I prefer to call it guided writing of the spiritual kind. As I wrote the words over a period of a few months in a series of hour-long sessions, the accompanying emotions were always positive, always encouraging and always full of love. I was left in no doubt that whether we perceive it or not, we are all on a spiritual journey and we are all connected in an intricate and wonderful way. The journey is rarely easy, but it is deeply and utterly worthwhile.
A Spirit Guide A to Z
A Spirit Guide's A to Z

This is a collection of what would be called channelled writing, although it seems more to me like guided writing of the spiritual kind. This particular collection deals with human emotions as perceived by the spirit world - some that are generally viewed by humans as positive and some as negative. For example, on the one hand are betrayal, fear, guilt and loneliness, while on the other hand are compassion, forgiveness, understanding and wisdom. The human condition has such a wide range of emotions that this collection could be simply a taster of more to follow.


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Through the Lychgate
Through the Lychgate is a collection of my meditations, which took place between August 2001 and December 2002. The title of the book comes from the way in which all these meditations began.

The significance of passing through the lychgate is one of passing from this physical conscious reality into a state of meditative spiritual awareness. The recorded memories that I brought back from these meditations are reproduced as they were recorded at the time. My hope is that those who choose to read these words will be encouraged to meditate as a way of gaining their own spiritual enlightenment and truths.
Into the Circle
Into the Circle is a continuation of my first book Through the Lychgate. It contains a collection of meditations that took place between December 2002 and September 2003.

The visual imagery in these meditations is rich in symbolism, although the enlightenment gained was not easily won. The insight about who I truly am has sometimes been hard to accept - sometimes humorous and sometimes as moments of 'I knew that!' Throughout every meditation, however, I have felt an innate sense of love and acceptance as I have come to know myself more fully.
From Garden to Mountains
From Garden to Mountain is a continuation of my second book Into the Circle. It contains a collection of my meditations between September 2003 and November 2009.

I have come to realise that through meditation the process of gaining self knowledge is both fruitful and enlightening. Although rarely easy or straightforward, it brings untold rewards that enhance our understanding of ourselves, which gives us the freedom to be who we really are. However, it does require that we love and accept ourselves, warts and all. Out of this comes a richness and fullness that we would not otherwise have known.