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I took this image in a Norwegian Fjord whilst serving on the RFA Tidepool during exercise Silver Tower (1968). The torpedo was one of four fired by the submarine HMS Otter at the RFA Tidepool, the ship I was on at that time - I served on this ship from 15th August 1968 to 2nd September 1969
The reenactment of the battle of Freedom Fields by the Sealed Knot - Mount Edgecumbe Park

Weird Images - black and white

Country lane - Saltash
Californian Poppy

Weird Images - colour

Coconut palm - Cocos nucifera - Eden Project
Cane palm - Chrysalidocarpus lutescens - Eden Project
Princess palm - Dictyosperma album - Eden Project
Malaysian palm - Eden Project
Banana - Musa sp - Eden Project
Bismark palm - Bismarckia nobilis - Eden Project
Sunlight through leaves - Eden Project
Tree canopy - Dartmoor
Fern front - Tresco Abbey Gardens